Annabel Du Boulay Headshot

Founder & CEO of Belashka Ltd


I was brought up in a corporate family as my father was the UK Deputy Chairman of the leading global accountancy firm, Chairman of their Management Consulting Services in UK & Europe, and one of 8 men who sat on the international executive committee overseeing 66,400 partners & staff in 733 offices across 120 countries. As Managing Partner of the UK firm, he helped to grow the firm from £73m in 1984 to £531m in 1990, moving it from 4th position to 1st position within 2 years.

In the 1980s, he was one of the first business leaders in the City of London to employ psychologists to work with his predominantly logical, process-orientated staff, as he recognised the need to coach them in what we would now term authentic relating & leadership. My father continues to coach me in business and has inspired my interest in mentoring business leaders from a transpersonal perspective to reach their full potential in authentic relating & leadership through a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Since founding my company Belashka Ltd in 2009 and my Shop in 2014, I have developed my business acumen and experience within areas such as finance, sales & marketing, retail, importing, exporting, product design & development, employment & team management. This experience has built upon my previous career in the Voluntary Sector, where I reported to the Clinical Director of the largest Mind outside London, co-ordinating their funded educational programme involving over 20 courses, 10 tutors, 15 volunteers and 150 service users, which involved liaising with tutors and sessional workers to ensure quality service provision and service user progression; managing the monitoring and evaluation in line with funding requirements; implementing learner assessment & tutor observation and compiling statistical SAR reports.

In 2015, I was selected as one of only forty women-led businesses in the South West to receive a six month Digital Mentoring Programme funded by the Government Equalities Office; in 2016, I was accepted on the Export for Growth programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Department for International Trade; and recently I have been awarded an ERDF grant to accelerate the growth of my business in international markets.

Transpersonal Regression Therapist

As part of my own journey of self-development, I completed 8 years of weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a Professor of Psychology in London, followed by 6 years of Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Carolyn Proctor, who was trained by Dr Christine Page.

Impressed by the powerfully transformative effect of the transpersonal model, I then trained as a Transpersonal Regression Therapist (DipTRT), Self-Development Tutor (DipSDT) and Guided Meditation Teacher (DipGM), gaining the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP) from the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and membership with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR Reg).

Since qualifying in 2006, I have worked extensively in private practice and in the corporate & voluntary sectors, providing 1:1 therapy and mentoring as well as writing and running self-development workshops, courses and retreats.

Sociologist of Religion & Shamanism

In 1995, I volunteered at the SOS Orphanages in Lima and Cusco, Peru, and wrote campaign articles for The Lima Times, whilst living in the house of a shaman with whom I travelled throughout Peru and spent time with a tribe in the Amazon.

On my return to the UK, I completed my MSc degree at LSE in the Sociology of Religion with a thesis comparing the role of women and the Feminine Divine within Western Esotericism (including Paganism, Shamanism, Gnosticism, Alchemy and the Kabbalah) and Christianity, looking at how patriarchal religion appropriated and manipulated pagan mythology in order to control women in society – research I then used in the writing of my historical novel The Serpent’s Tale, based in 16th century Italy at the time of the Inquisition. My ensuing MPhil/PhD research focused on the reproductive rights of women in the developing world with reference to the Holy See’s permanent observer state status at the United Nations.

I have also completed various spiritual and shamanic trainings, which, combined with my academic knowledge and transpersonal regression therapy training, have enabled me to develop a unique and powerful way of working therapeutically with clients at my workshops and retreats.

The Annabel Du Boulay Shop in Glastonbury specialises in the sale of indigenous art, crafts and shamanic tools, which I source from the Native American pueblo tribes of New Mexico, the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai Peninsular and women’s co-operatives in Morocco and Peru. We are committed to fair and ethical trade, supporting low-income artisans and sharing their shamanic traditions and rituals through the shop and my workshops/retreats.

The Healing Womb

Inspired by my experience of mothering three children, two of whom were born with rare, life-threatening syndromes and multiple disabilities, I created ‘The Healing Womb’ art installation in 2012, in which I hold workshops and retreats for women who are struggling with child loss, childlessness and mothering special needs children.


I am passionate about campaigning on women’s rights, mental health and disability, having worked with sufferers of severe and enduring mental health difficulties, many of whom were victims of abuse and domestic violence, as well as having witnessed the violence against women and children due to the high levels of alcohol abuse within indigenous communities who have been robbed of their culture and traditions by patriarchal society.

My intention is to continue to raise awareness and challenge the stigma associated with mental health difficulties and disability; to support indigenous artisans and women’s co-operatives through my Annabel Du Boulay Shop; and to continue to fight for the freedom of women from violence, especially in relation to patriarchal religion.