Ali Harrison

Healing Womb Retreat Assistant

Ali Harrison is a psychotherapist, body worker and mother, who works individually and in groups to help clients to facilitate emotional release and soul emergence. She works in circles of women, holding them and nurturing their growth and learning.

My most profound experience in life has been the accompanying of my beloved son Tom in his journey with cancer. He was six years old and I was blissfully ignorant to the depths of soul journey that mothering a sick child can take a woman. Tom was diagnosed just before Christmas 2003 and died 9 months later. My beloved boy, my son, my moon and all my stars, my teacher. So full, even in the last weeks of his life, of optimism, courage and love. Tom has taught me so much about how to live, about the meaning of compassion, and the profound holding of sisters in times of inevitable suffering and loss. I was training as a therapist at the time and years later wrote my Master’s Thesis on ‘Love and Death, a spiritual perspective on mourning the loss of a child’. It was an attempt to come to terms with my grief. On one level the research and the writing helped, allowing me to dive deep into my own and other mothers’ experiences of loss. It gave me a profound psychological understanding of the long and painful process of grieving, but it would never heal the deep yearning that the loss of Tom left in my heart, the longing to hold him again.

I am so pleased that Annabel has asked me to be part of these special circles of women at her Healing Womb retreats, which I know will take us all deeply into shared experiences and sisterhood.

Annabel on Ali

I first met Ali and her husband Brian in 2011 at a conference where we were all working. I was so moved by their loss of Tom and by the path of grief they were walking, especially as I was still nursing my disabled son Zac on the bridge between life and death. I am so grateful to Ali for agreeing to assist me on my Healing Womb retreats – I cannot think of another woman I would rather have helping me to hold women in the depths of their loss, grief, fear and pain.